Miro and Ryu's Photo Diary

Miro and Ryujehong with Seoul Dynasty

Over the past couple of months, Overwatch pros from all over the world have been converging on Los Angeles to get ready to compete in the inaugural season of the Overwatch League, which begins Jan. 10.

Since the majority of the inaugural season will take place at Blizzard Arena Los Angeles, in Burbank, it means that players are leaving their homes to settle down (at least temporarily) in a brand-new place.

With that near-universally relatable experience in mind, we asked a few Overwatch League players to document their first few days in LA, as well as travel back and forth between their home cities, as they prepare for the start of the league.

Jin-Hyuk “Miro” Gong and Je-Hong “ryujehong” Ryu, of the Seoul Dynasty, were the first to answer the call, and took the following pictures—and wrote the following captions—during the Overwatch World Cup finals, at BlizzCon, and afterward, as they readied to leave South Korea for America. (Be prepared: There are a lot of selfies.)

Miro and Ryujehong’s Travel Diary


Miro and Ryujehong now are in LA with the rest of the Seoul Dynasty, and we hope they are settling in well as the team prepares for its season opener on Wednesday, Jan. 10 at 8 p.m. versus the Dallas Fuel.

For more photos of LA life and the inaugural season of the Overwatch League (plus payloads of selfies), follow Miro on Twitter and Ryujehong on Instagram, as well as the Seoul Dynasty on Instagram.