Nighthawk Pro Gaming

Nighthawk by NETGEAR has long been recognized by gamers for high-performance networking hardware; the introduction of Nighthawk Pro Gaming is the latest evolution of this highly acclaimed WiFi product line. Purpose built and fine-tuned to address the unique networking challenges of gamers, Nighthawk Pro Gaming combines best-in-class high-performance hardware with advanced software enhancing online gameplay to provide players with an optimized network environment to perform at their very best.

With the introduction of Nighthawk Pro Gaming (NPG) during CES 2018, NETGEAR has launched two well-received products to the category with the NPG XR500 WiFi Router and the NPG SX10 10G/LAN Switch. NPG showcases our expertise and passion to deliver the most advanced solutions to achieve the ultimate environment for online gameplay. From the avid or professional gamer to the casual on any platform from console, PC to mobile; Nighthawk Pro Gaming delivers the Power to Win.